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Sundance Festival: Indie director Kevin Smith has audience in stitches with stories of his debut 20 years ago

Published on Jan 25, 2014 5:34 PM

Never share a stage with director Kevin Smith. The man who made Clerks (1994) works a crowd like a seasoned talk show host.

On Friday afternoon, at the Sundance Film Festival panel discussion with the high-minded theme The Power Of Story, Smith's non-stop flow of wisecracks and anecdotes are turning the other panellists into wallflowers.

Seated in between Gregg Araki and Rose Troche, two film-makers known for exploring homosexual themes, Smith, 43, describes what Sundance in 1994 was like for him, when he first screened Clerks alongside the artier, more sexually charged works of Araki and Troche.

"I had never met a gay person in my whole f****ing life. So when I came out here it was like, gay paradise. I was hanging out with lesbians!"

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