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Love of magic led to a passion for collecting cards

Published on Jan 25, 2013 3:34 PM
Ms Joyce Lee, 24, who works in the accounting industry, and her collection of poker decks. -- PHOTO: ST

Anyone might think that Joyce Lee, 24, is preparing for a role in the next God of Gamblers movie. After all, she has amassed some 500 decks of poker cards.

Displayed on customised shelves in her room, the collection includes popular brands such as Bicycle and and Tally-ho, as well as cards by Ralph Lauren, Absolut Vodka and even Nintendo. Many are custom designs.

The real root of her passion for collecting cards: magic. Ms Lee, who is single and works in the accounting industry, started off as a magician when she was 16 or 17. "We used different decks for magic tricks. That's how I got exposed to all these custom decks," she explains. "Now, I'm just a collector."

Appropriately, her collection includes a deck signed by renowned magician David Blaine. She also has decks designed by card-magic duo Dan and Dave Buck, better known as Dan & Dave.

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