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Lost work of playwright Lope de Vega found in Madrid

Published on Jan 23, 2014 6:19 AM

MADRID (AFP) - A 400-year-old unpublished romantic comedy by the great Spanish Golden Age playwright Felix Lope de Vega has been found in Spain's national library, officials announced Wednesday.

A 17th-century manuscript of the play, Mujeres y Criados (Women And Servants), was identified within the library's archives in Madrid by Alejandro Garcia Reidy, a researcher specialising in Lope de Vega at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, library and university officials said.

Never published before, the work written in 1613-14 can be seen online and is to be staged later this year by the Fundacion Siglo de Oro (Golden Age Foundation) for the first time in nearly four centuries.

The play, written by Lope de Vega at the peak of his theatrical success, tells the story of two sisters in Madrid, Violante and Luciana, and their secret lovers Claridan and Teodoro, one a waiter and the other a secretary to a certain Count Prospero.

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