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Hunky Korean actor mistaken for beggar after he puts on 12kg for a role

Published on Jan 16, 2013 11:45 AM

South Korean actor Kang Ji Hwan so successfully looked the part of an overweight, homeless detective role for his latest film Runway Cop, that a market tofu-seller chased him out of her stall between takes.

Director of the movie Shin Tae Ra, 39, tells Life!: "The auntie who sold tofu thought that Kang Ji Hwan was a beggar and chased him away from her sample booth. And all the other people in the market could not figure out who he was, either. They kept asking our film crew who he was."

If the tofu auntie had known he was the hunky star of popular drama series Be Strong, Geum Soon (2005) and Hong Gil Dong (2008), she would have given him all the tofu he wanted to sample.

Runway Cop, which opens in cinemas tomorrow, has the 35-year-old actor play a top police detective, albeit one with personal hygiene issues. The character does not bother to shower, slobbers when he eats, and has long mangy hair and a rotund belly. Assigned to go undercover as a male catwalk model for an investigation, he has to undergo extreme exercise and diet routines to get into shape.

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