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Downton Abbey fan creates show-inspired cookbook

Published on Feb 1, 2013 9:29 AM
Television still: Downtown Abbey starring Sophie McShera. -- PHOTO: THE WASHINGTON POST

OTTAWA (AFP) - Sizzling British hit Downton Abbey has stolen the hearts of its legions of avid fans, but one viewer hopes the television show will steal its way to their stomachs as well.

Canadian culinary historian Pamela Foster has crafted a cookbook based on the early 20th century British cuisine featured in the show - though she's given it a modern, and more healthful twist.

So don't expect to find a recipe for kidney souffle in Foster's book, no matter how much Downton's lords and ladies - and their maids and footmen - may have enjoyed it.

"Some of the food, people nowadays just wouldn't like it," she said of the dishes that use "parts of animals that most people aren't used to eating anymore".

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