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Director-actor Jason Bateman spells revenge with a bee in Bad Words

Published on Mar 15, 2014 6:56 AM

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - Spelling bees let children demonstrate their vocabulary prowess, though they are often rife with the drama of rivalry, pushy parents and pint-sized competitors driven to their limits to recall archaic words.

For actor Jason Bateman in his directorial debut Bad Words, the spelling bee is the stage for a middle-aged man with a meticulous plan for revenge by exploiting a loophole in the rules.

"No one needs to see another spelling bee movie, that was a repellent to me when I read the script," Bateman said.

Bad Words, in limited theatres on Friday and nationwide on March 28, stars Bateman as Guy Trilby, whose revenge motivations are painstakingly uncovered by a hassled journalist, played by Kathryn Hahn, as he progresses through tournaments and befriends an adorable 10-year-old contestant.

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