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British, US films compete for Venice Golden Lion prize

Published on Aug 23, 2013 11:27 AM

ROME (AFP) - Hollywood honchos and aspiring stars will be boating into Venice for a dark, crisis-themed film festival from Wednesday, with British and American films dominating the race for the coveted Golden Lion award.

George Clooney and co-star Sandra Bullock will rock the red carpet on the opening night, kicking off the festival with the hotly anticipated Gravity, a 3-D sci-fi thriller starring the pair as astronauts.

Gravity, a harrowing space drama about a fight for survival when a debris shower destroys a shuttle, is Mexican Alfonso Cuaron's first work since Children Of Men seven years ago, and promises to leave viewers gasping for air.

The film is one of several hellish tales at the festival, which features the return of the family as the vessel for social, political and economic crisis, from child abuse and abductions to absent fathers and marriage breakdowns.

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