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Autistic boy to perform his mother's song for him at ChildAid concert

Published on Nov 18, 2012 2:23 PM

As a child, Clarence Kang started playing the piano on his own without formal lessons because he did not allow someone else to touch the instrument while he was playing it.

He has come a long way since. Now 14, he will be performing at this year's ChildAid concert. The audience will also hear a song composed by the autistic Malaysian boy's mother and sung by his relative Tricia Teo, 14, who brought him to the attention of ChildAid organisers at the auditions in June.

For her audition piece, Tricia, a St Margaret's Secondary School student, sang Hold My Hand, which was inspired by Clarence and written by his mother Joyce Lim. Madam Lim is Tricia's grandaunt.

Touched by the song, the judges at the audition asked about the original composition. Tricia then showed a clip of Clarence playing the piano, which impressed the panel of judges who invited him to perform at the concert.

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