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Who will marry my gay daughter?: Hong Kong tycoon

Flamboyant HK magnate is proud of colourful love life

Published on Sep 30, 2012 6:00 AM

Hong Kong property tycoon Cecil Chao might well have been mistaken for a conservative and concerned father after his very generous HK$500 million (S$80 million) offer to any man who can win his lesbian daughter's hand.

Concerned Mr Chao may have been, but conservative the unabashed and never married playboy definitely is not. The 77-year-old chairman of listed property developer Cheuk Nang is proud of his colourful love life - which produced three children out of wedlock - and Hong Kong tabloids and gossip magazines love him for it.

They never tire of running photos of him with a never-ending parade of beautiful women in his arms and stories embellished with explicit details of his romantic escapades. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) suggests that the details could have come from only the man himself.

In 2008, when asked by reporters about his playboy reputation, the property magnate replied: "When you are youthful and attractive, why not play the field? You are wasting your youth if you don't. It is not a crime to be promiscuous!"

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