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South Korean lovers say it with matching socks

Published on Feb 13, 2014 12:09 PM

SEOUL (AFP) - In a country where public displays of affection are still frowned on, young South Korean couples often advertise their relationship by wearing matching outfits, whether socks, shirts, jackets or, more privately, underwear.

It's especially popular with newlyweds, making South Koreans honeymooning on the beaches of Southeast Asia easy to spot in their twinned T-shirts or shorts, complete with "couple flip-flops."

The fashion can also be seen among young people in China and Japan, but South Koreans have taken it to a different level.

The trend has spawned a small cottage industry, with specialist online stores offering "couple swimwear" for the summer holidays, "couple snowboarding suits" for the winter and "couple track suits" for those who like jogging together.

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