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N. Korea takes 'Gangnam Style' shot at South politician

Published on Sep 19, 2012 5:43 PM
Park Geun Hye speaks at a national convention of the ruling Saenuri Party in Goyang, north of Seoul Aug 20, 2012. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

SEOUL (AFP) - North Korea has made a parody of the South Korean music video phenomenon Gangnam Style to attack the South's ruling conservative party presidential candidate Park Geun Hye.

The parody, posted on the official government website Uriminzokkiri, shows a crudely photo-shopped image of Ms Park doing the "horse-riding dance" created by South Korean rapper Psy on the original Gangnam Style video.

The North Korean version mocks Ms Park as a devoted admirer of the "Yushin" system of autocratic rule set up by her father, Mr Park Chung Hee, after he seized power in South Korea in a 1961 military coup.

"I'm Yushin style!," read a subtitle under the image of the dancing Ms Park, South Korea's first female presidential candidate. The implied message is a sensitive one, with Ms Park under pressure to denounce the excesses of her father's 18-year rule, which laid the foundations for the country's economic rise but was marked by systematic human rights abuses.

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