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Japan woman, 77, got $5m from man for sex and love

Published on Apr 18, 2013 4:42 PM

TOKYO (AFP) - A 77-year-old woman who received about S$5 million from a 79-year-old man in exchange for sexual and romantic favours has been ordered to repay the cash by a court in Japan, a report said on Thursday.

The woman succeeded in getting around 400 million yen out of the man over a seven-year period, in what he said he thought were loans, which she used to buy luxury cars and a condominium, the Sports Nippon newspaper said.

"She had no ability nor any intention to repay the debts," said the court in Shizuoka, central Japan, according to the paper.

The court heard how the woman, who was not named, used what it called an "amorous net" to persuade him to part with the cash, including stripping naked in hotel rooms and asking him to bathe her.

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