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Japan Buddhists launch Monks Without Borders

Published on Dec 12, 2013 3:56 PM

TOKYO (AFP) - First it was the doctors, then came the reporters, now a group of religious men in Japan have formed Monks Without Borders.

The inaugural meeting of the group, whose name apes the Nobel Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders, was held in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto on Wednesday, said Hiroaki Nakajima, chief priest at Joko-ji temple in the city.

"Normally, Buddhists do not have regular interactions with people from different schools (of the religion), but I think we can cooperate under the name of Buddhism, which cherishes salvation of individual souls and lives," he said.

Nakajima, who says the grouping has sparked interest overseas, believes it will help with the self-promotion he thinks many Buddhists struggle with.

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