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Donkeys carry ballot boxes to villages for Afghan vote

Published on Apr 4, 2014 11:44 PM

PANJSHIR, Afghanistan (AFP) - Donkeys laden with ballot boxes trudged up rough tracks and mountain trails in remote parts of Afghanistan on Friday, on the eve of presidential elections in a country that still has few proper roads.

Delivering election materials by donkey has become a regular feature of Afghan elections since 2004, when the first vote was held after the fall of the authoritarian Taleban regime.

In heavy rain and against a dramatic backdrop of snowy peaks, about 30 donkeys made their way to villages high in the Panjshir Valley north of Kabul.

The steep valley in the Hindu Kush mountain range is famous for its residents' dogged resistance first against the Soviet occupation of the 1980s and then the Taleban in the 1990s.

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