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China decries US spending bill as harming its interests

Published on Jan 19, 2014 10:30 AM

BEIJING/WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - China's Commerce Ministry has condemned a US$1.1-trillion (S$1.4 trillion) spending bill passed by the US Congress last week over clauses that limit technological purchases from the Asian giant, saying they clash with the principles of fair trade.

The bill, signed by President Barack Obama on Friday, included a cyber-espionage review process for federal purchases of technology from China, a measure incorporated last year amid growing US concern over Chinese cyber attacks.

In a weekend statement, China's Commerce Ministry said the move "went against the principles of fair trade" as it sought to curb purchases of Chinese technology and export of satellites and parts to China.

"China is resolutely opposed," the ministry said in comments attributed to an unnamed official in its US trade division.

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