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China artists work up-close with old masters in Madrid

Published on Jan 28, 2013 10:21 AM
Chinese painter Yang Feiyun works on the painting, a copy of Velazquez's paiting Portrait Of Felipe IV at the Prado Museum in Madrid on Jan 25, 2013. Chinese artists from the state academy and the China Academy of Art are due to make first-hand copies of some of the jewels of European oil painting and take them back to China to use for teaching. -- PHOTO: AFP

MADRID (AFP) - With brushes and paint-splotched palette, Chinese artist Yang Feiyun adds the finishing strokes to his latest work: a portrait of the moustached 17th century Spanish King Felipe IV.

An untrained eye would fail to tell the difference between Yang's canvas and the original by the Spanish master Velazquez, hanging inches away in a crowded gallery at Madrid's Prado Museum.

"I have been painting my whole life, ever since I was a child, and Velazquez is a master among painters. He is known in China for his great depth," Yang said.

A respected artist in China, where he is head of oil painting at the state Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Yang is now leading 17 other specialists on a pilgrimage to the Spanish capital.

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