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Bangladesh activists urge ban on rape victim 'finger test'

Published on Feb 4, 2013 3:31 PM

DHAKA (AFP) - Bangladeshi experts and activists on Monday urged the government to ban a "demeaning" physical examination of rape victims, saying the procedure is of no benefit in proving whether an assault has taken place.

The country's British colonial-era law, which dates back to 1872, requires that doctors use two fingers to determine whether a woman who is alleging rape is "habituated to sex".

But with studies and doctors raising questions over the effectiveness of the test, lawyers, police officials and women rights activists have joined forces to demand the government scrap the process.

"The two-finger test is demeaning and does not provide any evidence that is relevant to proving the offence," over 100 experts including doctors, lawyers, police, rights activists said in a joint statement.

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