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Authorities in protest-stricken Chinese city hold talks with citizens

Published on Apr 2, 2014 2:16 PM

BEIJING (REUTERS) - Authorities in a protest-stricken city in southern China have promised to communicate better with citizens battling plans for a chemical plant, after protesters complained that violence by law enforcement officials killed several and injured dozens.

Images of Sunday's violence, which surfaced on Chinese social media, but were later deleted by censors, triggered an outcry. The government has said no one was killed in the demonstrations, but it has not said if anyone was hurt.

City officials in Maoming, site of the proposed plant, held peaceful talks with protesters on Tuesday, the city government said in a statement on Wednesday.

"(The officials) chatted with them face to face, listened to their protests and opinions," it said, without acknowledging the demonstrators' complaints about the violence.

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