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Tension in the South China Sea

Asia's disputed islands
TOKYO (REUTERS) - Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, a fiery nationalist whose failed bid to buy a group of disputed islands ignited a crisis with China, is pushing ahead with a plan to build structures there to hammer home Japan's claim, officials involved told Reuters.
TOKYO (AFP) - Chinese government ships were back in waters around Japanese-controlled islands on Tuesday, the coast guard said, a week after they last left and days after heated exchanges at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.
TOKYO (AFP) - Japan's Prime Minister reshuffled his cabinet on Monday, picking a woman with Beijing-friendly credentials in what commentators said signalled his hope to move past a damaging territorial row.
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - China took a bitter territorial dispute with Japan to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, with Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi accusing Tokyo of stealing disputed islands.
TAIPEI (AFP) - Taiwan will push ahead with plans to set up a national marine park near disputed islands in the East China Sea also claimed by Japan and China, a top official said on Wednesday.
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - The foreign ministers of China and Japan held stern talks on Tuesday on bitterly disputed islands but made no breakthrough, diplomats said.
TOKYO (REUTERS) - Japan's main opposition party picks its new leader and possibly the next prime minister on Wednesday, with the successful candidate having to formulate a stance on China as relations fray over disputed islands in East China Sea.


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