Taiwan gives medal to 102-year-old former general for World War II actions

TAIPEI (AP) - Taiwan has presented a special medal to a 102-year-old former general for leading his squadron of aircraft against Japan on the Chinese mainland during World War II.

An envoy gave the medal to Mr Lee Hsueh-yen at his New Jersey home on Sunday, his birthday. Taiwan media say Mr Lee expressed his thanks.

Mr Lee is known as the oldest surviving general from the Flying Tigers, an American aerial squadron founded by General Claire Chennault.

Mr Lee fled to Taiwan in 1949 with Kuomintang (KMT) Chiang Kai-shek following the KMT's defeat by Communist forces in a civil war. He later moved to the US.

Taiwan's military is to reprint a memoir by Mr Lee, part of efforts to counter China's claim that the KMT played a subsidiary role to the Communists in defeating the invading Japanese.