10 must-reads for today

Police commandos patrolling near the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi after an attack on the building by gunmen yesterday.
Police commandos patrolling near the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi after an attack on the building by gunmen yesterday.PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


1 Attack kills 6 in Karachi

Six people were killed in an attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi yesterday, after Baloch separatists opened fire at the building. The victims were a policeman, four security guards and a bystander, officials said. All four assailants also died. The Balochistan Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for the assault.


2 11 parties to contest GE

Parliamentary hopefuls from 11 political parties will head to nine nomination centres today to register for the general election. The upcoming polls have already thrown up some surprises, and political watchers said that more drama might unfold during the nomination process this morning.


3 Cebu City's virus surge

The Philippines is deploying more resources to Cebu City as the tourist and commercial hub emerges as the new epicentre of the country's coronavirus outbreak. The city now has more than 5,500 Covid-19 cases - more than that in Metropolitan Manila's largest city of Quezon.


4 HK expects unrest on July 1

Hong Kong officials are beefing up security ahead of expected unrest on its July 1 handover anniversary, amid simmering anger over a national security law mooted by Beijing. The legislation is expected to be enacted by today.


5 Pushing back against China

Under President Xi Jinping, China's foreign policy has grown more nationalistic, including in its pursuit of territorial claims, inviting a series of adverse reactions from various corners of Asia, the latest from India, says global affairs correspondent Goh Sui Noi.


6 Attractions ready to reopen

From maintaining flowering plants to making sure that art pieces are kept at the right temperatures, attractions in Singapore have been keeping busy while closed for the last few months. Though shut to visitors, staff have still been working hard to make sure that the attractions are well-maintained and ready to reopen.


7 Four more dengue deaths

Four more people have died of dengue, bringing the total number of deaths this year from the viral infection to 16, as of last Tuesday. The mosquito-borne disease continues to surge, with infections topping 1,000 a week for three consecutive weeks.


8 Impacts of Wirecard crash

The fall of fintech company Wirecard is dealing a blow to the already poor shareholder culture in Germany. The company is the first member of DAX, Germany's blue-chip share index, to go out of business.



9 Simply enjoy the moment

Even non-Liverpool fans should be able to appreciate the enormity of their first English football title in 30 years and be happy for Jurgen Klopp's (above) team's long-awaited success, says assistant sports editor Rohit Brijnath. Just savour the moment, he advises, instead of asking whether they can build a dynasty.


10 Stanley Ho's secret 17th son

Late casino tycoon Stanley Ho's fourth wife, Ms Angela Leong, has come out for the first time to clarify the situation over his mysterious 17th son - who was widely believed to have died in childhood. In a statement, she introduced Mr Ho Yau-bong, her son with Mr Stanley Ho.

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Keeping hope alive

Volunteers from Keeping Hope Alive have knocked on hundreds of doors across blocks of one-room rental flats in recent months. Their work has become all the more important during the coronavirus outbreak. str.sg/blurb451


A different GE

This year's general election will be significantly different from previous ones because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at 15 key changes for the coming polls. str.sg/blurb452

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