Satellite images may be of MH370's wing and fuselage parts, source tells Xinhua

TOKYO - The specks showing up on satellite images, believed by Malaysia and Australia to be debris from the Malaysia Airlines missing plane MH370, could be parts of the fuselage and wing of the plane, China's Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday, quoting a US Navy source.

Xinhua quoted an unidentifed source from the Yokosuka Naval Base as saying that the smaller objects detected around the two larger objects - 24 meters and five meters long - could be debris from the plane.

The source, described by Xinhua as an expert in maritime avionics, added that the satellite imagery was regarded as "highly credible."

MH370 Australia graphic

The Australian government announced earlier on Thursday that satellite images had captured two objects possibly related to the missing plane in the southern Indian Ocean, some 2,500 km southwest of the Australian port city of Perth.

As of now, there has been no visual confirmation of the possible wreckage.

AMSA said Thursday afternoon through its Twitter account that bad weather and poor visibility had thwarted efforts by a Royal Australian Air Force Orion plane to locate suspicious debris.

ABC News also reported that US Navy P-8 aircraft had flown back to Perth after failing to spot any objects.