Malaysia's high-level team to leave for Beijing again

KUALA LUMPUR - The high-level team from Malaysia will depart for Beijing again on Tuesday evening after a grieve-stricken crowd attempted to storm into the Malaysia embassy in the Chinese capital in the afternoon.

Malaysia Airlines chief Ahmad Jauhari Yahya acknowledged at Tuesday's press briefing that "the fact that there were not enough details" from Prime Minister Najib Razak's announcement on Monday had led to speculations that the Malaysian authorities are "holding back information".

But the high-level team from Malaysia will return to Beijing to clear the air, providing answers to the questions from family members of those aboard MH370. They will also be given an update on the status of the search mission. 

"We will let them know how we've actually narrowed the search area to the southern part of southern corridor," said Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

Malaysia first sent its high-level team to Beijing last Thursday. The team was led by Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) air operations commander Lieutenant-General Datuk Seri Ackbal Abdul Samad. Other delegates include representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Civil Aviation Department and MAS.

About 200 family members and friends of the 153 Chinese passengers on board MH370 protested in front of the Malaysia embassy in Beijing on Tuesday, chanting in unison "give us back our families". The compound was protected by guards and paramilitary police. 

Many of them were last night brought to the hotel ballroom to watch the live telecast of Mr Najib's confirmation that flight MH370 had ended its flight in the southern Indian Ocean, based on analysis from The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) and the British satellite firm Inmarsat. 

At least five relatives had to be carried away on a stretcher after they learnt of the fate of MH370.