Malaysia to release MH370 report next week: CNN

A report on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will be out next week said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Thursday.

"I have directed an internal investigation team of experts to look at the report, and there is a likelihood that next week we could release the report," Mr Najib told news network CNN. He later gave CNN's aviation correspondent Richard Quest a more definitive statement - that it would be released next week.

It has been nearly 50 days since Beijing-bound MH370 and its 239 passengers and crew disappeared on March 8. The families of those missing have grown angry at the lack of results, and Malaysia has been criticised for its handling of the investigation.

Satellite data showed the plane turned back from its easterly route less than an hour after takeoff and flew towards the southern Indian Ocean where it is believed to have crashed.

According to CNN, the preliminary report has already been sent to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and is currently not available to the public.

An ICAO spokesman told CNN that the report contained a safety recommendation, from Malaysia, for the aviation world to look into real-time tracking of commercial aircraft. A similar suggestion was made after Air France's Flight 447 disaster in 2009.

Mr Quest noted that such reports to ICAO are usually made available to the public.

"In most cases, the report is published because it's not a controversial document. It's a statement of facts -- what happened. And if there are any controversial or difficult facts, they can be redacted," he said.

Malaysia has insisted it has nothing to hide and is working to find answers. The Malaysian cabinet has agreed to have an international team investigate the disappearance of Flight 370.

Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the names of the team's members will be announced next week.

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