Hear from Singaporean students

Francis Chen

Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Recreation

After commencing his studies with a Diploma in IT at home in Singapore, Mr Francis then decided to pursue his interest and passion for the outdoors. He relocated to Australia to study a Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Recreation at Monash University.

After graduating in 2004, he found himself gravitating towards outdoor experiential learning environments with adolescents and corporate programs. Recognising that sharing his passion for the outdoors with others was his chosen path, he decided to return to Monash to gain formal teaching qualifications.

He completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) in 2007 and is now teaching at the Alpine School Campus –School for Student Leadership.

“I am very fortunate to have been given a chance to work at the Alpine School, nestled right in the beautiful Victorian Alps,” he says. “I am working in a school which encompasses my ideal educational setup – experiential and in the outdoors. It provides real-life learning and challenges, together with the most important ingredient of enjoyment, in an extended community”.

Tai Poh Nean

Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Network Computing (Applications)

“I’m part of an international team of IT detectives ensuring large businesses are protected from cyber hackers and fraud."

“Currently based in Kuala Lumpur with international professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, my team is responsible for advising large corporations how their information asset is best secured from errors, fraud and cyber-attacks.

“The Monash brand is recognised across the world. If you ask any of the big companies they will have heard of Monash, particularly in Malaysia because of the Sunway Campus. The global reach that Monash possesses allows you to create a very diverse network of people. Completing my course at Monash has given me an international perspective and an invaluable contact network that will help me build my career.”

Tristan Teo

Studying Law at Monash University

“I chose Monash Law because of its reputation. It definitely has pedigree and is a trail blazer when it comes to legal education! It is also part of the Group of Eight and – most importantly as I’m a Singaporean – recognised by the Board of Legal Education for admission to legal practise in Singapore."

"I also love the Law Faculty’s diversity – students hail from a wide array of cultural backgrounds. Melbourne offers an excellent lifestyle too. As much as I wanted to study hard, I also wanted to have a good time. Melbourne has been ranked as the World’s Most Liveable City so at Monash I can have the best of both worlds.”

Priyanka Rai

Studying pharmacy at Monash University

"It’s pretty different to university in Singapore. At Monash all the lectures are recorded. Occasionally I find it hard to understand everything that is being said during a lecture and this lets me revise from home allowing me to pause to take down notes."

"Monash also has the Virtual Practice Environments. These rooms allow students to experience real life situations in a safe and supervised environment before we begin placements. We are able to develop our communication skills in a completely new way. We have the opportunity to interact with virtual patients, health professionals and others in role play situations. It is great to create context. I truly enjoy studying pharmacy at Parkville because I have the opportunity to revise and discuss different study topics online with other students.

This experience is completely different to what I have experienced back home. I really enjoy the education system here in Australia as everyone is aiming to do well and there is a real team spirit.

I would definitely recommend studying pharmacy at Parkville to any of my friends back home because you get to experience a different culture. I am loving it and I am glad that I got the opportunity to come out here and make great friends along the way. I look forward to next year and all the exciting opportunities that I will get to experience.