World Briefs: Chinese coast guard enforces fisheries law

Chinese coast guard enforces fisheries law

BEIJING • China has recently sent two coast guard ships to enforce its fisheries law on the high seas of the North Pacific Ocean, according to the China Coast Guard.

The 31-day patrol, covering around 254,00 sq km, was aimed at implementing international conventions and agreements and jointly safeguarding the production of fisheries in the region, the coast guard said.

While at sea, the coast guard ships learnt about fishing vessels operating on the seas of the North Pacific Ocean, including their catch and main operating modes.


Beirut port blast death toll rises to 190

BEIRUT • The death toll from this month's Beirut port blast has risen to 190, with more than 6,500 injured and three people missing, Lebanon's caretaker government said in a report yesterday.

The Lebanese authorities are probing what caused highly explosive material stored unsafely for years to detonate in a mushroom cloud, wrecking swathes of the city and fuelling anger at a political class already blamed for the country's economic meltdown. The Aug 4 explosion left 300,000 people homeless and caused US$15 billion (S$20.4 billion) in direct damage, said the report.


Protesters gather in HK shopping mall

HONG KONG • Pro-democracy demonstrators gathered at a shopping mall in Hong Kong yesterday to chant slogans ahead of the one-year anniversary of a violent confrontation with police at a subway station.

Police officers arrived shortly after "dozens" of people gathered at the mall in the city's Mong Kok district, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) reported. The police called it an unauthorised assembly, saying in a statement that they would make "resolute enforcement actions" and members of the crowd could face arrest.

At least 11 people were given penalty tickets for breaching rules prohibiting gatherings of more than two people during the Covid-19 outbreak, RTHK reported.


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