Indonesian police seize explosive materials said to be used for plots on foreign embassies and religious facilities

JAKARTA -Indonesian police have seized explosive materials from the hideout of an ISIS suspect who was nabbed in the country's West Java province, the Xinhua news agency reported.

23-year-old Rio Priatna Wibawaat was arrested by an anti-terror squad of the Indonesian police at his home in Majalengka on Wednesday, police spokesman Rikwanto said.

According to police, Priatna said he had been ordered to make bombs from the materials, which would be used in attacks against buildings or facilities owned by foreign nations.

"These explosive materials will be used to strike foreign embassy offices, religious buildings, police headquarters and the parliament building," Rikwanto was quoted saying at the national police headquarters.

Priatna and three other ISIS members - all of whom remain at large - reportedly planned to make the bombs at what the police said was "a chemistry laboratory"at his house.

Police said they had intercepted Priatna before the bombs were produced and handed over to other militants.

Priatna was said to have operated in coordination with Bahrun Naim, a leading Indonesian militant fighting alongside ISIS in Syria.

Naim has been linked to several botched attacks in his homeland, ranging from a plot to fire a rocket at Singapore to a suicide attack on a police station.