College student in China uses parkour to race subway train

Forget public transportation. A young man in China has discovered a new way to beat the morning rush - parkour.

A viral video shows college student Hou Rong exiting a train at Chunxi Road Station in Chengdu, sprinting across and springing over 800m of urban landscape to Dongmen Bridge Station where he boarded the same train.

Mr Hou, who was born in 1997, according to Xinhuanet, took two minutes to complete the race. However, he had expected to be quicker.

"In February I accidentally sprained my ankle when doing parkour. It was painful even to walk normally. On the day of the race my ankle still hurt a lot, but I endured it," he said in Mandarin.

Mr Hou said an online video that showed a similar feat overseas inspired him to attempt the challenge in Chengdu.

He added that the large number of people on the roads and the crowded stations could greatly affect his speed.

However, he did not encounter any red lights along the way. And besides bumping into one person, his race was accident-free.


Parkour began in the 1980s in France, and as a sport that requires participants to move rapidly through, across and over urban environments.

It often features leaping, running, climbing and rolling to avoid obstacles such as walls, fences and people.

According to Beijing Youth Daily, some Chengdu students attempted the same race after watching the online video and managed to beat Mr Hou's timing.

An Instagram account appearing to belong to Mr Hou shows him performing parkour.

In 2014, British commuter James Heptonstall successfully raced the London Underground between Mansion House and Cannon Street Tube stations, boarding the same train he exited. The video of his 380m sprint has been viewed almost seven million times.